Con-nerd Book Launch!

I’m having my Con-nerd book launch today at 6pm, Shearers Bookshop on Norton St. Chris Cheng will be launching the book for me and it’s going to be a lot of nerdy fun 🙂 Photos up soon on my Facebook Fan Page (Oliver Phommavanh fan...

Penguin PD day

I’m speaking at the state library this week for Penguin PD days for primary and secondary teachers. It’s a chance for me to chat about Con-nerd and comic con days 🙂

Con-nerd School Launch

Con-nerd’s officially going to be launched at Lansvale Public School on June 15th. Special guest author Belinda Murrell will help me send Con-nerd into the stratosphere! Photos and goss on the launch on my blog soon. Last year Deb Abela...

Con-nerd on Penguin Kids TV

Con-nerd’s featured on the latest Penguins Kids TV episode on their Youtube Channel. You can check it out and prepare for my own take-over episode where I invade the Penguin offices! Here’s a sneak peek 🙂

Reading Matters Conference

The Con-nerd launch tour will begin this week when I hit Melbourne for the Reading Matters conference at the VIC State Library this week. I’ll be speaking at the Primary Youth Day on Thursday 26th alongside Rebecca Stead, Richard Newsome...