Stuff Happens: Ethan is a funny, cheerful story of a bookworm who tries to win his best friend back. It is part of a wonderful series with other cool authors, called Stuff Happens!

What is this story about?

Ethan is a bookworm who lives in the library at Monvale Primary. He is a monitor who helps control the kids in the library, though it can be a circus sometimes.

He becomes friends with Trent, and they both share a love of Dinoriders, a series where you ride dinosaurs HA! But when Trent stops reading for Dinoriders to play handball, Ethan is determined to win him back by getting to read another book.

Will Ethan succeed?

Why did I write this story? 

I had another idea for a book called Bookish, where a library monitor named James was given an Kindle by his Dad (James prefers paper books) but this story was shelved (ha!) by my bosses at Penguin.

I was given a chance to write for Stuff Happens, a series where the kids in the class mingled with each other over the course of the 12 books about each person. This was awesome because we got to build the school up like in Minecraft. Andrew Daddo got to name the Grade 5 teachers. I got to name the librarian hehe. I decided to change James to Ethan, and have him become the book-nerd in the gang of boys at Monvale Primary.

The coolest thing about Stuff Happens is that one of my own created characters, Dale, who appeared in Ethan, had its own spin off written by author pal Adrian Beck. Our stories appeared in a bumper edition called A Lot of Stuff Happens, alongside Andrew Daddo’s Sean and Will Kostakis’ Ned. 4 books in 1 is a GRRREAT deal!