Short-listed for the WAYRBA awards 2014

An honour book for KOALA awards 2012 and 2013, yay!

So what is Thai-riffic! about?

Have you ever had an embarrassing family?

Maybe your parents have weird jobs that they can’t stop talking about.

Or maybe your parents do crazy things in front of your friends.

Lengy has that problem and more.

He’s a Thai kid who’s sick of being Thai.

(You would too, if you were having Thai food every single night!)

He wants to keep his background a secret…which is hard to do when his parents are around.

They own a Thai restaurant called THAI-RIFFIC! and want the whole world to eat there…

So just when he’s about to start high school, his parents have this crazy idea to bring more customers to their restaurant.

An idea that includes embarrassing Lengy to new extremes!

So, how do you stop your parents invading your life?

He’ll need his new friends and a wacky teacher to help him come up with his own crazy plans…for a normal life. And a slice of cheesy pizza!

Thai-riffic! is an uplifting and refreshing story about a kid who have their origins and traditions in a place so remote from the kids’ imagination. It’s for anyone trying to make sense of their own family heritage. Anyone caught between two cultures. Anyone wanting to fit in and being treated for who you really are.

And anyone who wants a belly laugh!

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