Hey cHEwY gum gums (That’s what I call my fans)

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I’m Oliver Phommavanh, funny children’s author, comedian and primary school teacher. I write stories that make you laugh and cry (because you’ll be laughing too much!)

I’ve got a story in Total Quack Up! Help support Dymocks Children’s Charities.


Natural Born Loser is out now!

NEW BOOK Don’t Follow Vee coming out May 2019

The Other Christy is a CBCA Notable Book for younger readers and shortlisted for YABBA, KOALA and REAL awards, and the 2018 Adelaide Festival Awards of Literature and WAYRBA younger readers too!

I’m also featured in the anthology, Rich and Rare, out now!

Thai-riffic and Con-nerd are in the KOALA Hall of Fame! 

You can buy them from all great bookstores or online at Booktopia

You can leave a comment on any page, so feel free to write back!

I’m also available to visit schools across Australia, check the events page for more info!

“The only way to describe Oliver P is comic, optimistic, imaginative and a nerd. The whole entire atmosphere changes around us with Oliver’s presence. He inspires all of us with his writing skills and positive attitude.”

Ashwin, Westmead PS

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Room to Read

I’m proud to support Room to Read, a great non-profit organisation that reaches out to kids all over the world with books and giving them the power of literacy. To find out more, click on their logo or at my links.


  • zaid Posted April 2, 2024 3:41 am

    hi i know you probably wont get enough time to read this but i want to say that i love your book and they were a tremendous support to me i love super con-nerd and normal conerd to i want to know if you will ever do another conerd book maybe like about conerd in uni i just says 😉 love u and peace out cant wait to read your new book

  • Ollie Posted April 9, 2024 5:35 am

    Hey Zaid, thanks for your support, I think it may the end of the Con-nerd series, if there was to be another Con-nerd book, it might be when he’s in Year 10 or 12 perhaps. Hope you get to check out my Youtube channel too. Thanks for being a cHEwY gum gum!

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