Book Week may be over but I’m still in Melbourne for the writers festival. I’ll be performing on Tuesday, 30th August and Thursday 1st September at Fed Square, chatting about Con-nerd. I’ll also continue to visit schools across Melbourne throughout next week, Marian College on Monday, Simonds Catholic College on Tuesday arvo after my MWF visit. Wednesday sees me at Gleneagles secondary college and Thursday I’ll be at St Bebe’s College. Finishing off my week will be a few talks at Corpus Christi Primary School. It’s gonna be hectic but it’ll be FUN!


  • Mara Posted September 3, 2011 11:49 pm

    Hi I saw you on kids wb with Lauren and Andrew and by the way
    which book did you like?
    A. Lauren’s
    B. Andrew’s
    And what is your favrouite show?
    A. Looney tunes
    B. Batman
    C. Camp lazlo
    What is your favourite toy? Mine is Lego
    A. Lego
    B. Army people
    C. Squinkies boys
    I hope you reply and bye!!!!!!!!

  • admin Posted September 4, 2011 12:09 am

    Hey Mara, thanks for visiting my website…
    I really liked Andrew’s book because of his weird look on it
    I can’t go past Looney tunes, they’re funny as!
    I like Lego too. I still have my Star Wars Lego toys at home
    Catch ya later!

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