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For schools in VIC and QLD, contact Booked Out on

For other areas and questions, please contact me.

I’m available for speaking at schools, doing author talks and writing workshops. I’m happy to speak for ages 8 to 15 (grades 4 to 9) and can do anything from small groups to whole grades.

I can cover a range of topics such as.

  • How to be an author-everything from gathering ideas to storylines.
  • Writing humour/jokes (including stand up comedy)
  • All about Thailand-a quick look at the land of smiles (ideal for harmony day and other multicultural events)
  • The publishing process, from the manuscript to the finished book.
  • Writing stories and entertaining narratives (can be modifed for NAPLAN)
  • Coming up with ideas for stories and characters
  • Multiculturism/Asian Australians in books.

“A huge thank you to Oliver for visiting our school!  His workshops and discussions about writing and first book, Thai-riffic, coupled with his energy and humour have really inspired our students!  We’re very much looking forward to seeing Oliver again next year!” R.Smith, Year 6 English teacher, Sheldon College QLD

“Oliver is not a man of success he is a man of value that makes spine tingling books for children and teenagers.
He is also a five star rated stand-up comedian who makes children laugh, giggle and ROFL (roll over from
laughing) so much that your socks will fall off. He is going to be known at Westmead for being a man everyone
wants to be like in the future. Thank you Oliver! “Eunny, Westmead PS

Where will I be?

AUGUST 28-29th: Melbourne Writers Festival

AUGUST 30th: Mary McKellop College, Warnervale

SEPTEMBER 1st: Ultimo PS

SEPTEMBER 4th:  St Phillip’s College, Port Stephens

SEPTEMBER 5th: Niagara Park PS

SEPTEMBER 6th: St George Christian College-Hurstville

SEPTEMBER 7th: Hurstville PS

SEPTEMBER 8th: MLC School, Burwood

SEPTEMBER 11th: Toowoomba Grammar

SEPTEMBER 12th: Lunch with the Stars, CBCA Northern Sydney event

SEPTEMBER 13th: Leeton Shire Library

SEPTEMBER 14th: Lunch with the Stars, CBCA Newcastle event

SEPTEMBER 18th: Oatley West PS, Northern Sydney Writing Competition award ceremony

OCTOBER 16-17th: YK Pao School, Shanghai